E-learning Can Accelerate COVID-19 Recovery

Leverages financial investments  and creates new online professional communities

Creates equal access to everyone on their computer, tablet or mobile phone

Allows new knowledge emerging with the pandemic recovery to be shared quickly

Opens new opportunities for micro-courses and  blended learning 

Adapts to the speed of change by easily updating content with minimal investment

E-Learning ...

  • Provides flexible learning during  COVID-19 

  • Creates an online community to share knowledge and discuss common challenges

  • Offers do-it-yourself learning, accessible 24/7 on a computer, tablet or mobile phone

  • Supports micro-learning

  • Ignores geographic boundaries 

  • Increases engagement from 1-way webinars 

  • Opens doors for virtual instructor-led courses saving on travel costs 

  • Embraces eco-friendly training 

  • Capitalizes on the reality that people have learned how to work remotely

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Never Waste a Good Crisis!

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, several organizations contacted the Tourism Café to discuss future tourism training options as all in-person training ground to a halt.

With 25-years’ experience designing engaging tourism industry training, the Tourism Café team kicked into high gear to research and design a new tourism industry online training program that responds to market demand.

Shaping the Program

COVID-19 has pushed us all to think differently, to embrace the new and unknown. 


The original program idea was transformed into a full suite of opportunities following:


  • 100+ hours speaking with destination partners, industry advisors, e-learning and technology experts

  • Results from a survey 3500 tourism businesses

  • Two months of desk research of e-learning around the world

  • Participating in 60+ free and paid online training, from 30 minutes to 2 days.

Thanks to everyone who listened to the ideas, asked questions and challenged us as we work together to rebuild back our tourism industry.

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Digital is Here to Stay

E-learning is the new norm, Zooming is part of our everyday vocabulary, and businesses are finding cost-savings in accessing online training.  What’s changed?

Pre COVID-19

In-person workshops, seminars and training were the most effective method for training

In-person training cancelled. Mass market webinars provided broad reach, limited engagement and a limited ability to measure

A Future with COVID-19

Advances in e-learning will be combined when the return of in-person training can resume

Adjusting to COVID-19

Online learning not considered essential

Industry forced to work remotely, learn new skills and gain new comfort levels for online learning

Mobile, computer, tablet learning will permanently add to the suite of future tourism training options

Access to in-person learning expensive for rural and remote businesses

Forced to learn online and adjust to bandwidth challenges


More businesses can be served quicker, faster, more affordably

Most tourism training was geographically based

Challenged to think of investing in new ways beyond traditional areas

Online communities and access to information without borders and in collaboration with other destinations